Sunderlal bahuguna contribution to environment

My this post is dedicated to "vriksh mitra" shri Sunderlal Bahuguna 

Sunderlal bahuguna biography

  • Sunderlal bahuguna is well known as chipko andolan leader. The chipko movement leader was born on 09 January 1927 in maroda region of  Uttarakhand and he died at the age of 94. Sunderlal bahugna passes away yesterday i.e 21.05.21 he was admitted in All India Institute of Medical Science, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.
  • Due to chipko movement Sunderlal Bahuguana got famous by “vriksh mitr” name.

Bahuguna valuable words on Chipko Andolan

क्या है जंगल के उपकार, मिट्टी पानी और बयार। 

मिट्टी पानी और बयार ज़िंदा रहने के आधार।

  • 20 years ago he has planted saagon trees now the trees are much taller and seems that they are giving tribute to “Vriksh Mitr Bahuguna “
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tributed Sunderlal Bahuguna
  • According to Sunderlal Bahuguna Tree plantation is much more important in comparison of tree cutting

Early life of Sunderlal bahuguna

After his school education Bahuguna went to Lahore where he has done B.A in 1949 somehow he met with Meeraben and Thakkar bappa and later he started a movement to support schedule cast people right for going village without any permission. Earlier schedule caste people were not allowed to visit temple and this movement was against this system.

Sunderlal Bahuguna Family 

Sunderlal bahuguna has 3 children and name of his wife is Vimla Nautiyal due to same interest vimla was very supportive with bahuguna and she was also a part of each and every movement of Sunderlal Bahuguna.

With the help of his wife Sunderlal established parvatiy Navjeevan Mandal in Silyara region. Sunder Lal Bahuguna has also done a movement against alcohol shop opening in 1970 in this movement he did not eat anything for 16 days because it was a ann shan movement it means do not eat anything till your demand gets fulfill.

What is chipko movement 

Chipko andolan was started on 26 March 1997 in Uttar Pradesh  later in 2001 Utarakhand formed and now it is well known as one of the movement of Uttarakhand, Garhwal region and the main motive of chipko andolan was to prevent the unnecessary cutting of trees by forest  contractors. 

Chipko is a hindi word and the meaning of “chipko” is “hug”. In garhwal region in the leader  ship of gaura devi people started hugging and holding the trees when they were being cut.

Chipko Movement Idea 

Actually the idea of chipko movement was invention of sunder lal bahuguna’s wife and sundar lal bahuguna implemented it on a large scale

Anti Tehri Dam Protests Sunderlal Bahuguna

  • Tehri dam protest is one of the biggest protest in Uttarakhand history. Bahuguna is the person who carried anti tehri dam protest for decades, Bahuguna said we don't need dams, dams are annihilating for hills. 
  • Bahuguna followed satyagraha technique of mahatma gandhi in his protest and he went repeatedly on hunger strikes at the bank of Bhagirathi. In 1995 he went on long fast of 45 days later he went on another long fast of 74 days at Gandhi samadhi which is in Raj Ghat. 
  • During the tenure of PM H.D Deve Gowda while court case which ran for a decade bahuguna got arrested on 20 April 2001.

Ecology is permanent economy- bahuguana 

  • During chipko movement sunderlal bahuguna created a slogan called “Ecology is permanent economy” Bahuguna has not only created the slogan but also contributed honest effort to encourage the chipko movement he travelled village to village and district to district so that he can get more support from people for this enthusiastic movement. 
  • His honest and true effort was resulted in the meeting with former prime minister Mrs Indira Gandhi. While in meeting Bahuguna was able to show his environment love and concern which results in a powerful decision by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and she banned cutting of green trees for 15 years in 1980.

 Sunderlal Bahuguna Awards

  • 1981 Padma Shri Award but he refused it
  • 1987 Right Livelyhood Award (Chipko Movement)
  • 1986 Jamnalal Bajaj Award
  • 1989 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Social Science by IIT Roorkee            
  • 2009 Padma Vibhushan Award for environment  conservation by Government India

Sunderlal bahuguna books

  • Environment crisis and humans at risk
  • India’s Environment : Myth and reality (with Vandana, Medha patkar)
  • BHU prayog me buniyadi parivartan ki oar
  • Dharti ki pukar

International day of Biological Diversity 2021

Indian Capital New Delhi contains 7 biological parks that supports environment. These parks are spread in the area of 921 acre and are doing good enough to maintain the greenery of the capital.

22 May is well known as IDB i.e The International Day of Biological Diversity to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. 

Theme of Biological Diversity 2021

The theme of IDB 2021 is "We are part of the Solution" "Our solutions are in nature". It shows biodiversity is the correct answer to the sustainable development challenges. 


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