How to create agriculture website for farmers

This blog post gives an idea of starting an agriculture website, the cost, importance and needs of the website in today’s digital era. Some farmers are already selling crops through websites, some are on the begining phase to start but most farmers are not aware of using the benefits of websites for agriculture. Don’t worry today you will get a good idea about the farming website need.

Websites are needed in today’s digital world to compete with others. If you are a farmer you must have a website to inform others about your crop and sell your products. By having a good website you can easily maintain past, present and future data on a large scale. Farmers have websites that are already selling their crops to different countries at higher prices. 

How to create agriculture website for farmers

To create an agro website or any kind of website 3 basic and important things are required: 1. Domain, 2. Hosting 3. WordPress.


.com, .us, .nz, .org, .in, .net, .edu etc are domain extensions and names placed before any of them become the domain name which is called your website name. 

A person wanting to start an agriculture website for selling fruits can use, fruitsonline .net etc. These names can be booked from domain name-selling platforms like Namecheap.


Hosting is a server service-providing platform. They usually give server space to websites so that they can work and run smoothly. Clowdways and Greengeeks are trustworthy, the best hosting services worldwide. 


After purchasing the domain and hosting you need to install WordPress to get admin panel and website access. Without installing WordPress or other platforms like Wix, Shopify etc you cannot run your website. To run websites WordPress is the most trustworthy and widely used platform. At present the content you are consuming is placed on the WordPress platform. 

Farm website ideas

  • Some of the farm website ideas are given below:
  • Livestock website – Helpful for selling hens, sheep, and goats online.
  • Seed website – Helps to sell different varieties of normal and hybrid seeds worldwide. 
  • Fruits website – Helpful in selling various fruits.
  • Agriculture tool website – People are already selling tools widely through farm equipment websites.
  • Fresh juice website – Fresh juice can be sold through these websites.
  • Fresh vegetable website – Useful to sell fresh farm vegetables online.
  • Hybrid sapling website – Useful to sell hybrid saplings.
  • Plant selling website – Helpful to sell plants on a large scale, helpful for nursery owners.
  • Plant buying website – Plant shopping websites are helpful for nursery owners to sell plants.
  • Tree nursery websites – Tree websites are helpful to buy/sell tree wood and to give tree farming information.
  • Garden nursery websites – Gardening websites for beginners.

Why agriculture website is needed 

Some important steps are discussed below mentioning the need for farming websites for farmers.

Aware people about your farm crop

With the help of websites one can easily promote their crops in local markets, states, own countries and worldwide. If a person lives in India and grows huge amounts of fig fruits, burans, tomato, apple etc can easily sell the crop in Toronto, Canada, Sydney or in other countries where the crop is in demand. 

If there is a high demand for hybrid tomatoes in Sydney or Singapore then how do these people know that you are growing the best quality tomatoes in India. To spread the information among them you need to promote your crops on an international level then only you will get orders for tomatoes from different countries.

To get a good number of orders you have to show your product/crop to the world. Tomato is a product and you can sell it through a dynamic website which is easy to create.

Get instant payment through websites

Get instant payment through your websites. A payment gateway like razorpay can be easily installed in the websites through which a person living anywhere in the world can purchase your product online at any time. Once your product is purchased you can deliver the crop to the person, organization or company. 

This model is already working for example, Amazon and Flipkart are doing exactly the same. You can also sell your crops through Amazon or Flipkart but you have to give a huge commission of almost 30% which is not worth it. While selling the same product or crop from your own website you don’t have to give any commission to anybody and 100% profit will be yours.


First start promoting the crops on your website by creating local content then start creating the content according to the nation and finally start targeting the world. This is the basic step of promoting anything from scratch.

Websites are helpful in getting clients from other countries and one can export the crop at a higher price to different nations.

Need of agricultural marketing through websites

Farm website is cheaper than banners

Websites are cheaper than banners, TV advertisements, newspaper advertisements and all of the types of advertisements. Websites are one time investment that can be used for a long life for promoting the concerned product. Whereas tv, newspaper advertisements are temporary and you have to pay again for promoting the same product next time. Banners cannot be placed everywhere or you have to print banners in large quantities to place them in more places resulting in high cost advertisement.


How to create a farm website for beginners?

First book the domain then buy hosting and install WordPress that’s it your farm website is ready to use.

How long does it take to build a farming website?

Developers need 3 to 5 days to build a single website.

Which is the low price website agency in India?

Daddyblogs is a growing website agency in India they are known for best low price website design in India.

What is the price of agriculture company websites in India?

Rs 7000 to Rs 15000.

What is the website design cost in India?

Rs 7000 to Rs 15000 and Rs 25000 or more depending on the agency company or individual.

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