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Tree cutting service in India are still unorganised. It would be best if you found local contractors near you, how to find them is disclosed here with contact numbers of some contractors and labourers. 

Tree trimming is compulsory for good growth. Farmers reach individual contractors who don’t have any brand or company; they are local people. 

Any tree cutting service in India

A tree service is provided by individuals, contractors or companies to remove trees from the root or the bottom lower portion depending on the need.

Tree cutting service is to remove 1 or many trees and you can hire an individual or company for the same. Most contractors who provide tree cutting services in India live in Yamunanagar. Yamunanagar is India’s biggest wood market located in the corner of the city. 

Way to find tree cutting service in your city

Type tree cutting service near me on google or some similar keywords and you will see some results with maps, contact numbers and websites. Contact numbers are usually given there. If you can’t find the contact number, try to visit their websites.

By visiting the website you can read the application process for tree removal service provided by that company or individual. If no website name or link is given then you can’t reach that person/company. Don’t worry stay connected we will provide you city’s contractor’s contact number here with the time.

Tree cutting service contact number

  • Contractors contact number – 9675150920.
  • Labour contact number – 7248239766.

Contractors/individuals providing tree service who want to give their number can email us.

Tree cutting price in India

I have recently recorded a video covering poplar tree harvesting. The video is given here or you can check out the video on a trending nature channel. During the video, a couple of labourers talked about the tree removal price. For completely removing 1 tree deep from the root they charge Rs 60 and for cutting the tree from the lower bottom portion without removing the root they charge Rs 50.

Offer for contractors giving tree cutting service in India

Contractors providing tree removal services in India can contact us with their details. Individuals, companies, agencies or small startups all are welcome to register in a signup trending nature (STN). 

Interested people can email us at with their details such as name, firm name, website name, service address and contact number. We will publish all the details on our website so that potential customers can directly contact contractors/companies providing tree services.

Who need tree service

People having plenty of trees in their farm ready to harvest need these types of services. The tree trimming service is required to remove trees standing nearby houses, buildings, society, electric poles etc. Tree cutting machine price in India start from Rs 5000 which every individual can’t afford, they also don’t use the machine regularly. So they need tree cut out service.

Poplar tree removal service in India

If you have a poplar tree farm or any other tree farm then one day you will need tree trimming services. The service is often needed when the tree reaches maturity and gets ready for harvesting. At that time you have to contact these contractors providing such services.

So, it is good to connect with them so that you don’t need to find or search their address and contact numbers in a rush. People providing tree trimming services contact numbers are given in this blog post in the upper portion. 


What is tree cutting or trimming service?

It is a service in which people or companies cut the ready to harvest trees from the farm in bulk. They remove unwanted trees from nearby buildings, playgrounds, houses, malls roads etc.

How to find tree cutting service in your city?

Search on the internet or visit our website (STN) where we will keep updating the names, numbers, and addresses, of the contractors providing tree cutting service near you.

I am a contractor who wants to give tree removal services. How to find potential clients?

You can email us by visiting the Contact Us page and we will publish your contact numbers and other details in our website signup trending nature (STN) so that potential clients can directly reach you, it’s free of cost.

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