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Poplar tree harvesting methods and labours contact number is given. Harvesting labour price and technique are briefed in this blog post. 

Poplar tree cutting cost contact number

Harvestings are done in two types: 

Tree’s bottom portion is not cut

In this cutting method the tree is cut 5 to 7 inches above the root. It means the tree bottom portion with the root is left on the field after cutting. The price for this harvesting method is Rs 50/quintal.

Tree is cut with root

In another method the tree is cut/dug with the route and no portion is left in the field. In this method labourers put extra effort so the prices are higher around Rs 60/quintal.

Wood cutter labour contact numbers

You can contact these numbers 9675150920 and 7248239766 to get poplar harvesting services at your farm.

Harvesting prices

The first method is a bit cheaper in comparison to the 2nd method. Usually, labour charges Rs 60 per/quintal to dig the tree completely from the root. The popular tree harvesting charge goes down to Rs 50/quintal when some bottom portion of the tree with root is not cut by the woodcutter. 

One healthy poplar tree weighs between 300 kg to 500 kg. Sometimes the tree weight might go up to 700 kg as per the diameter and height. The tree cutting price from the bottom portion (without root cut) is Rs 50/quintal.

If the tree weight is 300 kg and 300 kg = 3 quintals then one tree cutting price would be Rs 50 x 3 = Rs 150/tree. In this method, you have to pay Rs 150 for one tree weighing around 3 quintals or 300 kg.

When the tree removal price (cut completely with root) is Rs 60 then Rs 60 x 3 quintal = Rs 180/tree. In this method, you are paying Rs 180 for 1 tree weighing around 3 quintals (300 kg).

Tree harvesting price per acre

The harvesting price depends on the tree weight. The average poplar tree weight is 250 kg to 350 kg (2.5 quintal to 3.5 quintals).

2 types of price for cutting the tree

  • Rs 50 for cutting the tree without root and lower bottom portion.
  • Rs 60 for cutting the complete tree with root and bottom portion.
  • Rs 50 x 3 quintals = Rs 150 per tree.
  • Rs 60 x 3 quintals = Rs 180 per tree.

Harvesting cost per acre for 500 trees

  • Let’s assume the tree is cut completely with root at Rs 60 per quintal.
  • Poplar trees per acre = 500 trees.
  • 1 poplar tree weight = 3 quintal (300 kg).
  • Rs 60 x 3 quintals = Rs 180 per tree.
  • Poplar tree cost per acre = Rs 180 x 500 trees = Rs 90,000.
  • Cutting cost for 500 trees = Rs 90,000.

Note – It is an estimated cost based on farmers’ and labourers’ conversation. The actual cost may differ as per the region tree weight etc.

Better tree harvesting method

When the bottom portion is left it is difficult to plant the new plant in the small field. Whether you have planned or not for a new plantation but later you want to plant the same or other plants then it becomes more costly and time mismanagement. 

Always cut the tree from the root

As per experts, it is good to harvest the tree deep from the bottom with roots, no portion should be left on the ground. This method allows immediate plantation of the same or another plant as per the season. 

It is necessary to remove all the bottom portions of the tree for the new plantation. If you know the tree removal process is compulsory for another plantation, then why not do it initially. Some people may think of planting new plants just beside the left tree portion which is a wrong approach because the tree roots need good space to spread. 

Conclusion – Best cutting methods explained which help plant next plants. Poplar harvesting costs may help people estimate their harvesting budget. Labours contact number is given so that they can get much work and you can get your work done.

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