Rosewood vs mahogany wood price in india

Is rosewood better than mahogany? Is rosewood more expensive than mahogany? Rosewood vs mahogany wood price in India along with other comparisons including farming exercises, and farming profit are shared today.

Mahogany tree price after 10 years and 15 years might be Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 or Rs 30,000. Whereas the Indian rosewood tree price after 10 years and 15 years might be around Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000.

In comparison to mahogany wood, rosewood is more expensive. Due to durability and rot resistance mahogany wood is widely used in boat making and ship part making. It is also used in furniture making and construction work.  

Rosewood is used for making furniture, exotic veneers, fretboards, boat parts, carving, guitar bodies, premium furniture etc. Due to rot resistance capacity it is also used for making boats. 

Rosewood vs mahogany wood price in India

Mahogany TreeRosewood Tree
Mahogany tree price after 15 years around Rs 25,000. Rosewood tree price after 15 years is around Rs 45,000. 
Good durability and rot resistance capacity.Higher durability and rot resistance capacity.
High demand from the last 4-5 years among farmers.Good demand among farmers.
Used in boats, furniture making, musical instruments etc.Used in paper, boats, furniture making, musical instruments, medicinal industry etc.
Grow in almost any climate conditions.Grows in most places of India.
Needs less water, less care.It needs some care and good water.
Needs less water, and less care.Sell as per the diameter and weight.
Profitable tree to grow in India.It is also a profitable tree to grow.
Sell as per the cubic feet, not weight.It needs a minimum of 10 years and 12 years for harvesting, 15 years is idle time.
The mahogany vs rosewood comparison is given in the table.

Mahogany tree

Mahogany is a long timber cultivated for its precious wood due to high demand in national and international markets. It is an endangered tree and in the last 5 years it has gained popularity among farmers. Not only the price but easy growing conditions make this tree popular among farmers and investors.

African mahogany tree is a fast growing tree and gets ready for harvesting in 10 years. It has fewer branches and all the branches and leaves come from the top portion of the tree.

It is a climate and soil-friendly tree that grows almost in any region. Farmers growing mahogany tree in India in Maharashtra, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat etc. 

Delhi is in the north, Uttar Pradesh-Assam is in the northeast, Kerala is in the south, Rajasthan is the dry region and Assam is the most rainy region in India. A mahogany tree is grown in most places from north to south east to west. It can grow in dry, humid and wet regions. 

It is a tonewood and is used for making guitar bodies and other musical instruments. High-income returns and easy growing conditions are making this tree popular among all types of farmers.  

Still, most farmers are not aware of this tree, especially in hill regions farmers are not doing any cultivation they are dependent on paddy, crop, potato and government help. 

It takes 10 years to harvest and after harvesting you can sell the wood into the wood market located in almost every city of India. The mahogany tree selling price after 15 years might be Rs 25,000 depending on the cubic feet. This wood is sold based on cubic feet; this wood is not measured on its weight.

Rosewood tree

Rosewood tree price in India is around Rs 40,000. It is one of the costliest trees in India and much more costly than mahogany wood. 

It is used in making furniture, papers, and musical instruments including guitars etc. Rosewood oil is widely used in medical and ayurvedic sectors. 

One can plant 300 to 500 rosewood plants in 1 acre. It can be harvested after 10 years and after harvesting you can sell the wood in the wood market. 

Mahogany treeRosewood tree
Tree price after 10 yearsRs 15,000 and more.Rs 40,000.
Harvesting time10 to 15 years.10 to 15 and 20 years.
Trees per acre380 to 500.350 to 500.
Profit per acreAround Rs 1 CR.Around Rs 94,90,100.
Growing zoneAll over India.In some states.
VarietyAfrican mahogany.Indian rosewood.
Climate Climate friendly, can grow anywhere in India except heavy rainfall regions.Tropical monsoon forest areas.
SoilAny soil.Grows in most soil, prefers drained deep moist soil.
Temperature30°C to 40°C.38°C to 50°C.
LifespanMore than 100 years.More than 100 years.
Rosewood and mahogany tree farming details given in brief in the table.
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