Plantago Ovata cultivation in India making farmer rich | isabgol farming profit & rich farmer

This medicinal plant farming is making farmers rich. Isabgol cultivation is known as Plantago ovata cultivation

Nowadays Indian farmers are doing the cultivation of beneficial crops and medicinal plant cultivation has come out as an option and is playing a good role in cultivation. 

There are few medicinal plants that are majorly cultivated in India. One of them is plantago ovata. Plantago ovata in Hindi is known as isabgol and farmers are making good money from isabgol farming. 

Plantago farming Exports

When it comes to export in medicinal plant cultivation plantago ovata holds first position. India is exporting isabgol of Rs 120 crore per year. About 80 percent of its total production is produced in India.

Isabgol cultivation in India 

Plantago farming in India - In India Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh states are doing commercial isabgol cultivation on a large scale. 

Plantago ovata farming worldwide

Irak, Iran, Arab Ameerat, India and Philippines are  major growers of plantago ovata in the world.

Plantago ovata cultivation season

Plantago ovata cultivation starts in october - November and the crop gets ready in the month of march.

Plantago ovata production per bigha

One bigha can produce 4 quintals plantago ovata crop. Plantago ovata plants grow slowly and it is recommended to hoe it by hand.

Plantago ovata price per quintal

Price of Plantago ovata (isab ghol) is Rs 10,000  per quintal. 

Plantago ovata farming benefits

Apart from this in winters the price of isabgol increases. If you will process the seeds of plantago ovata then you can earn more money. After processing plantago seeds 30% husk comes out and it is considered to be the most expensive part of plantago ovata. 

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