okra cultivation project report | okra farming profit per acre

Today we will help you to find out okra or lady finger farming cost and lady finger farming profit in one acre

Lady finger farming introduction

Okra farming guide - The lady finger is also known as Okra, Okro, Abelmoschus esculentus. In many English speaking countries okra is known as ladies fingers or ochro. Lady finger in Hindi is known as bhindi and in India okra cultivation is commonly known as bhindi farming or bhindi cultivation. Ladies finger is grown all over India in tropical and subtropical regions. This vegetable is very popular and it is also grown in gardens, backyards of individuals due to easy growing. Ladies finger is a flowering plant and belongs to the mallow family (Malvaceae). Okra is one of the most heat and drought tolerant species in the world.


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Okra farming project report

To get a ladies finger farming yield per acre we need to reduce okra farming cost from okra farming profit.

Okra farming cost per acre

Cost of labour - Rs 11300

Cost of pesticides - Rs 500

Transportation cost - Rs 1000

Fertilizer cost - Rs 1400

Land preparation cost - Rs 2300

Miscellaneous cost - Rs 1000

Total cost = Rs 17500

Now let's calculate okra production per acre

Okra farming profit per acre

Total harvesting yield of one acre okra farming is around 550 kg to 600 kg

Okra price per kg in India - price varies between Rs 28, Rs 40, Rs 80, Rs 115 according to season and region.

Let's take an average price of Rs 40 per/kg

Rs 40 x 600 kg (lady finger) = Rs 24,000

Net profit = okra profit per acre - okra cost of cultivation

Net profit = Rs 24000 - Rs 17500

Net profit = Rs 6500

So, this is the okra cultivation profit from 1 acre land.

Note - Profit may vary according to region, market and selected variety. 

Cost of cultivation of okra 

The cost of cultivation of okra depends on various regions and markets. In one acre land around 3 kg okra seeds can be sown. Price of one kg okra seed varies between Rs 500, Rs 700, Rs 900 to Rs 2500 accordingly. Let's take an average price of Rs 800 per/kg. The cost of 3 kg seeds according to price of Rs 800 per/ kg will be 800 x 3 = Rs 2400

Land preparation cost for farming

Plowing cost per acre - The cost of plowing and land levelling would be around Rs 2300 per acre

Labor cost for farming okra

Labour costs farming -

  • labour cost for sowing lady finger - Rs 400
  • Labour cost for removing weed for 3 months - Rs 6500
  • labour for irrigation in 15 days interval - Rs 900
  • labours for every harvesting (5 times) - Rs 3500
  • Total labour cost - Rs 11,300

Cost of pesticides

500 ml of pesticides + 500 ml fungicide + 1 labour for spraying (15 day interval)

Cost of fertilizer for okra farming

Recommended rate of fertilizer for okra - Rs 1400

Cost of harvesting okra

RS 3500 (given above)

Cost of transportation

 Rs 1000

Lady finger varieties in India

Vaishali, vagmi, Pusa Mukhmali, Padmin,i prabhavi Kranti

Lady finger different names 

  1. Ladies finger 
  2. okra (English)
  3. bhindi - Hindi
  4. Balendri - Manipuri
  5. Bindu - Kashmiri
  6. Dherasa - Bengali
  7. Bhinda/bhunda - Gujarati
  8. Vendaikkaai - Tamil
  9. Bendakaya (Telugu)
  10. Bhendi - Oriya and Marathi

Lady finger plant description

Ladies finger is an annual plant not perennial plant, perennial means a plant that lives more than 2 years. Okra grows around 2 meters (6.6ft) tall. Ladies finger is related to species like cotton, cocoa, hibiscus. 

The leaves of ladies finger are 10 to 20 cm (3.9 to 7.9 inch) long and broad while talking about ladies finger flower dimensions the okra flowers are 4 cm to 8 cm (1.6-3.1 in) in diameter the flower contains 4 - 5 white or yellow petals and these petals carries red or purple spot at the base.

okra plant production

Facts about ladies finger

Before planting lady finger seeds it is good to know some facts about lady finger and after knowing these okra facts you will be aware of how to plant lady finger seeds in garden or at your farm.

  • Okra plantation needs to be done in full sun and you should provide sufficient water to your okra plant for best okra yield.
  • Lady finger seeds start germinating in 3 to 10 days depending on variety. It can grow up to 6 feet tall.
  • Okra plants don't need any support and they can reach easily at the height of 6 feet.
  • Epsom salt is used to improve flower blooming and plants green colour.
  • Chilies, hot and sweet peppers are the best companions for lady finger plants
  • Soil with a pH value 5.7 to 6.5 is best for ladies finger plants.
  • Turning of leaves from green to yellow means the plant is suffering from root rot disease.
  • Before starting commercial okra farming we should go for soil tests.

Varieties of okra plant

There are various types of okra available in the market hybrid type is used in commercial farming of okra. Region of okra farming is responsible for selection of various types of okra. varieties of okra in India are available in the market and you can easily purchase them from local agriculture shops. There are hybrid varieties of okra used for profit farming. Some of the local variety of okra are given below.

  • Pusa Makhmali
  • Arka Anamika
  • Parbhani Kranti
  • Punjab e number 13
  • Pusa Swani
  • Punjab Padmini
  • Radhika bhindi
  • Namdhari bhindi
  • Syngenta bhindi
  • Avantika gold bhindi

How to grow okra plant

Before starting okra cultivation you need to know know following details about okra farming

Okra plant spacing 

It is recommended to sow okra seeds 1 inch deep with 15-18 inches seedling distance, okra row spacing should be 30 inches.

Climate required for lady finger

Warm humid conditions are preferred by lady fingers for good yield. Pre monsoon is the best season to plant your ladyfingers for better thrive.

Temperature required for okra to grow

Lady finger grows best within a temperature range 21 to 35 degree Celsius. It is advised not to sow okra seeds below 20 degree Celsius due to frost injury and more failure chances.

Suitable soil for lady finger

Soil type for lady finger - However, ladies finger (okra) or bhendi can grow in any kind of soil but clay loam and sandy loam are best soil for lady finger cultivation. Soil pH range for lady fingers should be between 6 and 6.8. It is suggested to use soil with high organic matter to create better results in bhendi farming

Best season for okra

Generally, the crop is sown between January March, June August. It also depends on the climate condition of region farmer's used to sow the okra seeds before monsoon for better okra to thrive.

Okra plant cultivation FAQ

How to get okra seeds?

Okra seeds are easily available at the agriculture shop or fertilizer shop of your city.

How to make okra seeds?

Leave okra on plant until they get matured and dried when the plant will reach this stage it will produce lot more okra seeds.

Price of okra seeds? 

Price of okra seeds depends on the location and variety of the species. Avantika gold bhendi price is Rs 670, singham bendi Rs 910, Radhika bhendi Rs 560 all these okra prices are given in bighaat.com however, you may get the okra at different prices according to your region.

How many okra seeds per hole?

Two okra seeds per hole

How many okra seeds per pot?

3 to 4 okra seeds per pot it also depends on the size of the pot.

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