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Some ways how the government can help farmers in India and some ways how individuals and students can help farmers are mentioned in this blog post.

How the government can help farmers in India is a big question but have a solution while having a helping intention. 

If the Indian government wants to help farmers then they should do the following steps.

  • Implement MSP law instead of giving a few kg of free rice or ration.
  • Start exporting farmers’ crops to the international market.
  • Not only highways farmers need pipelines for crop transportation.
  • Establish farmer canteens in every state.
  • Students can help farmers online.

Let’s understand all the steps one by one.

How to help farmers in India govt students

Some important steps that may change the destiny of Indian agriculture is explained below.

Implement MSP law instead of giving few kg free ration

The Indian government is distributing some Kg of rice and other crops free of cost and showing that they are helping farmers. It is just a show-off. If you want to help them, then you should implement the MSP law without wasting more time.

Let’s understand what is MSP for farmers. In India, farmers used to protest to fix a law for MSP. The full form of MSP is the minimum selling price. We have seen every year farmers throw some crops on the road due to overproduction. We have seen farmers throwing extra tomatoes on the road. 

In this case, govt need to back them by exporting tomatoes to the international market but they avoid them.

If a student studies and gets extra marks the student is appreciated by teachers and everybody. If an employee is doing more work he is appreciated by the employer. When farmers are growing a good number of crops they are not appreciated, why? 

I know business is a supply-demand game but the government needs to support our farmers because India is an agricultural country where 70% of people are dependent on farming.

Farmers are helpless to throw their crops on the road or to sell them for the minimum price which is not worth it. This is the problem of extra crop growing which should not be. 

There is another problem in which crop rates suddenly decrease. When crop rates go down suddenly or in a particular year, farmers are helpless to sell the crop at a very cheap price which does not cover their cultivation cost. 

Most farmers are facing the same problem. To get rid of these continuous losses every year they are doing farmer protests and demanding MSP law. In MSP law the Government has to fix a minimum selling price of the crops grown by farmers every year. 

If the crop rate goes down then farmers are not forced to sell the crop at a cheap price. Instead, govt have to buy the crops at a fixed price. For example tomato rate is Rs 50/kg and next year the price decreases and falls to Rs 15/kg only. If the minimum selling price (MSP) law is implemented and tomato MSP fixed at Rs 25/kg then even if the price goes down below 15/kg or 10/kg farmers are not forced to sell their crop at Rs 10 or 15/kg. 

Instead, the Government has to purchase tomatoes at a minimum selling price which is 25/kg. This will result in helping farmers in real ways. They are not getting profit but they are not in loss as well if the govt buys the tomato at MSP (Rs 25/kg). This will help farmers instead of giving them some kg of free rice, wheat ration etc. 

Start exporting farmers crop to international market

Farmers are growing a good number of crops govt should help them to improve the quality. The government should not avoid farmers growing more crops and throwing them on the road due to no purchase. These crops should be exported all over India to the markets and international markets. 

Not only highways farmers need pipelines for crop transportation

It is very compulsory to create a channel through which vegetables and crops can be transmitted easily. Apart from creating only highways, they should also develop some pipelines connecting each state. These pipelines can be used for delivering vegetables and crops quickly. 

Establish farmer canteens in every state

India’s slogan is Jay Jawan, Jay Kisan, Jay vigyan. Jawan means soldiers including Air Force, Navy and Army. All these jawans are getting lots of cheap and free services including medical and canteen facilities. Scientists have huge packages and they hardly need these facilities.  

Farmers are getting some schemes but that’s not enough because most of the schemes are rejected by banks. There should be farmer canteens like Army canteen and canteen for other soldiers. A farmer canteen can reduce the daily living product purchasing cost of farmers. 

Farmers’ daily living costs should be reduced so that they can experiment with farming without any headaches. They are stuck on traditional farming and only growing wheat, sugarcane and paddy. Farmer canteen will reduce the burden.

Students can help farmers online 

Through social media channels, students can help farmers by promoting their crops. There is no need to invest any money. If students want to help farmers they need to educate/aware farmers of digital marketing’s importance. 

Farmers hardly know about social media accounts and websites but students are aware of all these things. Students can create Instagram and Facebook pages for farmers and list the crops that kisan wants to sell. 

Students can collaborate with the farmers of their regions and start doing the practices which are given above.

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