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Do you know who buy mahogany wood in India? If not, don’t worry today I am revealing about mahogany wood buyers in India, you can sell your mahogany wood easily.

Mahogany is a commercial lumber appreciated for its beauty, durability and colour. It is one of the most expensive wood in the world used for panelling, making furniture, boats, musical instruments and other items. People should target these industries directly to get good mahogany wood prices. If you can’t visit factories or companies to find mahogany wood buyers in India then approach the wood market located in almost every city like the vegetable market. 

People who are just starting mahogany cultivation in India must know about 3 species: Swietenia macrophylla, Swietenia mahagoni and Swietenia humilis. Swietenia macrophylla is the only species that is commercially cultivated. Today, African mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla species) has the most commercial value for cultivation.

Mahogany wood buyers in India 

There are many ways to find mahogany buyers in India. Please follow the below given steps to sell the timber.

Target construction industry to sell mahogany wood

Mahogany timber is used in various construction works including house doors, windows. The construction industry widely uses woods, there are many contractors or wood suppliers who needs mahogany lumber. Find out the people who are using mahogany wood in construction.

Target furniture industry to reach buyers of mahogany wood

Mahogany wood is used for making high quality furniture including table, chair, sofa set etc. This costly wood is used for woody construction in beautiful offices, restaurants, malls, 5 star hotels and many more. One can directly reach the small and big furniture shops, factories to sell mahogany wood in India. 

Boats and ship making companies are mahogany wood buyers in India

It is a strong and durable wood which does not rot for several years which allows this wood to be used widely for making boats and ship parts. Go and tie up with ship and boat making companies offer them your mahogany wood selling price, if necessary negotiate and fix the deal. 

Sell your mahogany wood to musical companies

This tone wood is used in the musical industry for making guitar, veena and other musical instruments etc. Guitar companies are making mahogany neck guitar, guitar bodies. Reach veena, guitar making factories, companies to sell mahogany wood. Also target other musical instruments in which this tone wood is used. Visiting directly to the factory for selling wood reduces the middle man cost and ultimately you get more profit.  

Mahogany tree buyers in wood market

People who don’t want to make efforts by visiting different places and factories or if they are not able to find any shop or factory who purchases mahogany wood then try this method. Visit the wood market in your city or nearby your city. Similar to vegetable markets, wood markets are available in almost all cities. 

Follow the below steps to find mahogany wood buyers in India
Target building making and construction industry.
Target furniture making industry.
Approach boats and ship making companies 
Approach musical companies. 
Visit a wood market near you to find mahogany buyers.
Few steps to find mahogany buyers in India are given in the box.

So, after implementing the above steps one can find mahogany tree buyers in India

Most cultivated mahogany species

It is necessary to pick the right species before starting Mohini cultivation. You must grow the most valuable commercial wood. To make you understand, 3 mahogany type details are given below in very easy language.

Mahogany species

Out of 3 species only one species is cultivated widely is Honduran or big leaf mahogany well known as Swietenia macrophylla

Swietenia macrophylla – It is the only genuine mahogany species commercially grown today. It is also known as Honduran mahogany, big leaf mahogany and African mahogany falls under this species.

Swietenia mahagoni – It is also known as West Indian or Cuban mahogany. This species was widely used before the 2nd World War, after World War 2 it collapsed.

Swietenia humilis – It is a twisted and small mahogany tree in Central America, seasonally dry forest. According to some botanists it is a mere variant of S macrophylla.

Conclusion – How to find mahogany wood buyers in India is explained in this blog along with the correct species selection to start its farming.

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