Goat farming cost and profit in india

Goat farming cost and profit along with a gentle project report is shared in this blog post.

Price of a single goat

The price of a single goat depends on the variety or breed of the goat, however you may get one goat at the price of Rs 4000 to Rs 20,000 accordingly.

Goat farming business is bit easier then cow or buffalo business due to the less investment, feeding, less care and impressive goat farming profit margin.                

How to start goat farm business

  • Goat cultivation in India - First of all you need a land and shelter for any livestock farming in which you can pursue at least 11 goats. According to goat batch in goat farming 1 batch consists of 11 goats in which 10 female goats and 1 male goat is kept next batch is of 21 goats and it is increased in this ratio till 100 goats. 
  • goat cultivation process is a serious farming business every farming or any job needs serious attention only after that you will get any kind of success. If a person is staying in Mumbai and doing goat farming in up or bihar then there is very low chance of succeeding more over in starting stage you have to get involve in goat cultivation. For better results in goat husbandry business one should join goat farming training to understand the concept of goat farming cost and profit. Enjoying our goat farming article please continue reading. 

Goat selection criteria 

  • Goat farmers are advised to pay more attention while selection of goat for breeding. Before starting goat cultivation business a question comes in mind how do you choose a goat to raise and in respect I would say select shiny and healthy goat because selection of right breed is necessary to perform well in the animal farming business. Moreover, sirohi and barbari goat breeds are good for warm region

How to keep goats warm in winter

  • Taking care of goats in winter is necessary goat needs good quality shelters that do not allow cold air to pass in between. However, you can form a tin shade covered with long warm clothes or sacks you can try other material shades as well, try to maintain shade temperature over 16 degree

Goat crossing time duration

  • 1 year period is necessary for goat crossing process in some cases goat crossing process can be done before. Barbarin goat usually gets ready in 9 months for goat crossing process. Goats can deliver a baby in 5 months and after delivery goat farmer should not try another crossing till 2 months by this method goats can produce kids thrice in two years.

Goat farming project report

If you are starting goats business then you should be aware of goat farming profit and loss look at the stats given below :

Goat farming cost - cost of 1 goat kid-  2 months old goat cost is nearly 3 to 4 thousand

Cost of 11 goats 11 goats 3,000 X 11 = Rs 33,000 for 11 goats

Small goat fodder cost after 4 months Rs 100 per month and 1 year old goat fodder cost is around Rs 300 per month

Fodder cost of 11 goats for 14 months  =  Rs 42,000 how Rs 300 X 14 months  = Rs 4200 (fodder cost of 1 goat for 14 months) now Rs 4200 X 11 goats = Rs 46,200

Other mislenious cost – Rs 15,000

Total investment of 11 goats – Rs 33,000 (11 goats) + 46200 (fodder costs) + 15,000(extra) = 94,200

Note – However, I have added all 14 months fodder cost together but it will be used in monthly basis so you will not feel the burden of Rs 46,200 together therefore initial investment is 48,000 but 46k need to be added in calculation for real figure.

Out of 11 goats 10 are female goats so they are capable of producing 3-5 kids lets take average of 2 kids then 2 X 10 = 20 new goats are ready for next year

Now lets calculate profit margin in goat farming

Selling price of one year old one sirohi goat is between Rs 10,000 to 20,000 as per size

Selling price of one year old one barbari goat is between Rs 6,000 to 7000

Suppose you have started with 11 barbari goats then price of 11 goats X 7000 = 77,000 for 1st year

Means you have not produced any profit in 1st year because your investment is around Rs 94,200 but from next year the profit will increase because the small goats will grow mature you can sell them and 1 year old goat can produce 2-5 goats easily therefore in 2nd year they will increase from 11 goats to 20-40 goats and this ratio will keep increasing for years after good care of goats and then your actual profit will start.

These goats will produce more goats suppose 20 goats then 20 X 7000 = 140000

Reduce your investment cost  1,40,000 - 94200 = Rs 39,000 will be your profit for a year

And if you have sirohi goat i.e above 10,000 lets take an average of Rs 15000 one goat then 20 goats X 15,000 = 3 lakh now reduce your investment 94200, still you have earn Rs 205800 in 2 years

I have given both scenario hope you guys understand the profit calculation this calculation may differ according to place and current market. If this goat article is providing good information then please continue reading. 

Female Goat can produce - One goat can produce 3 to 5 kids in the period of 5 to 6 months

Precaution during delivery of goat

Precaution is much more necessary while goat delivery. First of all take very good care of the diet of pregnant goat and after four months of pregnancy increase the food (grain) of the goat. After delivery of the goat it is recommended to provide first milk of female goat to the new born baby goat you should repeat this practice at least for 3 to 4 times as well.

precautions in goat farming

As human child needed few dose and injections after some time of birth the same is needed for goat child as well they need few doses like ppr(1ml) and after 21 days of ppr goat kid needs ET dose et booster(2ml) is given after 15 days . HS, FMD, BQ are some other vaccine doses prepared by scientists

Diseases of goat and treatment  

  1. While season change goats may suffer common cold and dysentery problem so one should take extra care while any season change. 
  2. Campylobacteriosis - It is an infection of the intestine caused by campylobacter. This bacteria is commonly found in the feces of infected animals.
  3. Escherichia coli 
  4. Brucellosis - is a bacterial infection that affects livestock including goats, sheep, cow, deer. Infected animals can spread the brucellosis bacteria in milk after abortion or giving birth people can also get infected from consuming unpasteurized milk

Goat injection names

  • You can try these goat injections including avil injection for goat, melonex injection, melonex plus injection, antiviral injection for goat and belamyl injections for goat 3 ml cab be given after consulting your doctor. Belamyl injections is good for improving energy level in goats

Feeding cost of goat in India

  • If a person owns land then they can grow some green crop as a feeder to their animal. One can use richka grass as a feeder, goat farmer need to sow this richka graas seed in 1 acre land it generally grows in October to spring season goat farmer can made 7 to 8 rows of richka grass and try to feed the goats by providing this fresh richka grass every morning in as a breakfast. This grass can grow rapidly suppose if goat farmer has cut first row grass as a feeder then while cutting 7th row grass the first row grass will grow good enough and can be used again.
  • So this practice can be repeated again and again richka grass is warm by nature so helpful in winter season it looks like maithi and it contains lots of nutrition. In 1 acre land 80-100 goats can be feeded by this richka grass. Richka is hardly 2 Rs kg so it controls goat cost.  

dry fodder use – goat farmers need to select dry fodder that are not more than 4-5 Rs kg. They should try various straw material including chana pulse straw, gvar straw and other lentils straw can be beneficial and cost cutting. Peanut straw is also very effective specially in winter season.

Goat diet daane - Barley can be more useful due to rich calcium substances one can use it in forming daana in goat diet. To form daana of 50 to 100 kg you can use  barley or joe 15 kg chana, 15 kg maize  and 10 kg grains  now add 4 kg mineral mixture add one kg salt. Now you can feed your goat by

providing 250-300 gram of this daana this will cost around Rs 6 to 7 which is quite affordable. On an average of one day fodder cost Rs 12 – Rs 15 while feeding goats.

Fodder for small cattle

At least 3-4 months allow your cattle to drink milk of mother goat it  is good for the health of new born cattle and after 4 months you can start feeding fresh green fodder in small quantity to your cattle.

Where to buy cheap goats

Purchasing goats - While purchasing goat kid mortality rate is bit hire while transferring these small goats from one place to another place, especially in long distances due to whether change. Some breeds are from hill area hence cant survive easily in plains specially in infant stage so take care of these small things.

While talking about goat breed quality one should choose two best quality goats sirohi and barbari goat because these goats can easily survive in other places they are more capable of surviving in different whether these goat qualities can be transferred easily from one place to another place without much damage. You can also choose beetal breed but in comparison of sirohi and barbari, beetal is bit lower in terms of surviving in different weather’s. 

Damascus goat - Damascus goats are also known Shami (Chami), Aleppo, Halep, Baladi. Damascene is a breed of Syria and Cyprus but due to the popularity it is also raised in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Palestenian territories as well. Damascus goat farming is worthy and is excellent goat breed for commercial milk production moreover damascus goat baby is also valuable due to its various qualities.  

Precautions during transferring goat from one place to another  

  • While transferring goat from one place to another place goat farmer needs to take few precautions like before putting the goats in a vehicle one should check the space and if some part is empty then fill the space with some soft things like grass, bedsheet, clothes so that  small goats can be saved by any injuries.
  • Goat farmer should cover the vehicle by big shades like tirpal specially in winters to save the goats from viral fever and common cold. If somehow goat gets effected by common cold then you can try warm jaggery water specially in winters. If you are planning to start goat cultivation then transportation is the biggest problem and it is challenging to maintain the good health of goats in winters or  in extreme cold so avoid goat farming in winters you can start it by the end of February.

Demand of goat for flesh – Two teether or 4 teether young goat is preferred and old goat has less demand. Young goats who are healthier and have less bones are in much demand

Time for preparing two teeth goat – Two teether goat is also known for kurbani ka bakra and the feeding of this goat is much higher in comparison of other goats. This two teeth goat  takes around 13 to 14 months to get ready.

Where to sell goat

  • In Uttarakhand one can sell goats 2 km from isbt to patel nagar road prices of goat depends on various festivals and occasions, demand of goats is much higher in eid, holi, rakshabandhan etc while talking about whether it is highly demanded in winter season

Goat farming training cost – Current goat farming training price is between Rs 6000 to 7000. Some good goat farming training centre are available in Mathura but before starting goat business one should do goat farming profit calculation so that the person gets an idea weather goat farming is profitable or not. 

Goat farming in India FAQ

  • Before starting goat farming business one should apply for goat farming training by government or by others because in this goat education training you can learn how to make profit from goat farming directly from best goat teachers who use to teach with scientific and traditional techniques. Later you should start goat farming in Karnataka, Kerala or anywhere in India, goat farming in America is already successful and goat farming in Maharashtra, Hyderabad is a huge profit making business.   

Is goat farming a profitable business?

  • Yes goat farming is a profitable business but at the same time it also depends on various locations and market it may vary place to place like goat farming profit in tamilnadu may differ from goat farming profit in Odisha it also depends on goat faming project cost so before starting goat business you should calculate goat farming profit and loss by goat farming profit calculator.
  • Apart from that you should aware of income tax on goat farming in India and for commercial goat farming you have to apply for goat farming license in India. Liking this blog post please read till the end to explore more. 

How I can get subsidy for goat farming?

Visit your regional and agricultural bank then fill the application form for the goat farming with NABARD. You must have a business plan because it is required to present your goat farming business plan to avail subsidy from NABARD.  In this business plan you have to present all the relevant details about the goat farming project. 

How much profit does a goat farmer make?

  • The profit of a goat farmer will increase year by year in 1st year goat farmer hardly makes any profit due to the investment in purchasing goats (1 goat 2-4 thousand) and there care along with fodder charges(per goat Rs 300 per month) while calculating farmer need to invest around Rs 90-95 thousand for 11 goats (10f +1m) and these goats will take 1 year to grow. 
  • Moreover these goats needs around 4.5-5 months to produce more goats however after 1.5 years farmer can sell few of them and even after selling 10 goats at the price of Rs 10,00 he will get Rs 1 lakh that is almost equal to his investment but after 2 to 2.5 years farmer may get good profit due to the improvement in the quantity of the goats.
  • Suppose after 2.5 years number of goats are around 50 and price of 1 goat is nearly Rs 8,000 then 50 X 8000 = Rs 4 lakh, after reducing investment cost and other charges around Rs 2 lakh then farmer is able to earn Rs 2 lakh after 2.5 years. The most interesting fact is that profit of goat farmer will increase year by year because the strength of the goats will increase with passing years.

Goat farming business plan

If you will ask is goat farming is profitable in India then I would say goat business in village can be more effective due to green and relevant whether and sufficient nutrition and organic diet in comparison of city. Therefore goat farming profit in Karnataka village will be higher from goat farming profit in Mumbai. While making goat farming business plan you should be aware of goat farming profit margin. 

One should move in goat cultivation business after making a solid goat farming business plan and the plan should consist of goat farming subsidy, goat farming loan so that you can take good advantage of government scheme that will also help your pocket moreover, you must calculate feeding cost of goat in India along with goat cost it will give you a small idea that how much does a goat farmer make a year.

How much does a goat cost?

  • Cost of a goat kid varies between Rs 2.5 to 4,000
  • Selling price of one year old one sirohi goat is between Rs 10,000 to 20,000 as per size
  • Selling price of one year old one barbari goat is between Rs 6,000 to 7000
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