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The cost and profit analysis is given through the Emu bird farming project report. A single emu bird price in India is between Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000. It is a costly but profitable farming. 

With the help of an Emu bird project report, you can get an idea of the approximate profit and the required amount to start this cultivation. 

Emu bird farming project report

The estimated cost and profit from 250 emu bird cultivation are given below.

Farming cost

  • Total birds = 250 emu birds.
  • 1 emu price (3 month old) = Rs 5000.
  • Emu birds cost = 250 emu birds x Rs 5000 = Rs 12,50,000.
  • Feed and labour cost = Rs 100000.
  • Fencing cost = Rs 70,000.
  • Shed cost = Rs 10,00000.
  • Fencing cost = Rs 70,000.
  • Hatchery machine cost = Rs 1,00000.
  • 15 month old bird vaccination cost = Rs 6500 per bird.
  • Vaccination cost = Rs 6500 x 250 birds = Rs 16,25,000.
  • Total cost = Rs 4045000.

Emu bird farming profit

  • Emu bird weight after 15 months = 62 to 65 kg (approximately).
  • Live bird price per kg = Rs 250 to Rs 300 per kg.
  • 250 birds weigh in kg = 250 emu birds x 65 kg = 16250 kg.
  • 250 birds = 16250 kg.
  • Profit = Rs 300 x 16250 kg = Rs 48,75,000.
  • Profit = Rs 48,75,000.
  • Net Profit = Cost (Rs 4045000) – Profit (Rs 48,75,000). Net Profit = Rs 8,30,000.

Note – This is the estimated emu bird project report actual profit may differ as per the price, location, market, variety demand etc. This is only a meat project report, egg calculation is excluded. The shed and hatching machine cost is a time cost so the profit from next year will increase.

Emu bird farming in India

Emu bird farming in India or the world is one of the most expensive farming with huge profits. If you have a good budget you can try this farming once. Compared to emu bird vertical mud crab farming is less costly and you can think about that due to good profit income.

Approximate Rs 15,00000 is required to start the cultivation with 100 birds. Three-month-old birds are purchased and a single emu price is between Rs 3000 to  Rs 5000. If the price is Rs 5000 for buying a hundred birds; 100 birds x Rs 5000 = Rs 50,000 is payable. 

12 months later these birds are sold around Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000. A good space and shelter for birds is required which might cost around Rs 10,00000 while picking the place far from the city. More money is required to buy a new place connected to the market so it is good to buy or take the place on rent in a remote location.

In India, Krishi Vigyan Kendra helps farmers and gives farming training at cheap prices. More importantly, it gives farming lands on rent at government price. If you don’t have money to purchase new land you can take a farmland on rent through KVK centres.

KVK centres work under the Indian government, formed to help farmers. Due to no or very less advertisements by the government, their benefits are hidden from many farmers. Use our search box and type krishi vigyan kendra (KVK) to get complete information about KVK in India, their schemes and benefits and then reach the location in your blocks. 

Conclusion – Emu bird project report gives an idea about the farming cost and income returns. Project report mentions the average cost of machinery, birds and other necessary things and equipment.

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