different ways to grow plants | innovative gardening techniques

gardening techniques
Today I will help you to explore various techniques of planting, different ways to grow plants in small bottles, pots, ...
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vermicompost benefits for plants | vermicompost fertilizer benefits

vermicomposting profit
Today I will help you to understand the project report of Vermicompost. We will discuss the making process of vermicomposting, ...
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Vertical farming project cost per acre | Hydroponic farming setup cost in India

Vertical farming project cost is given along with the plants, crops that can be used for vertical farming. Hydroponics system ...
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Succulent plants meaning|Succulent meaning in easy language

Succulent plants need less water and are mostly used as decorative plants. Overwatering may collapse these desert plants so it ...
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What is biofuel ethanol biodiesel | STN

algae used for biofuel
Biofuel is a fuel producing method from plants, vegetables and animal waste etc. Ethanol is biofuel worldwide, biodiesel is manufactured from ...
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