Ultimatum against opium crop in Kashmir Mogri

The news is that Kashmiri people are doing afeem cultivation in deep jungles. Kashmir government gave ultimatum to people to destroy the opium farm within a week.

What is opium – opium is a crop that gives first collection after 120 days

Afeem in English – opium, poppy

Ultimatum by kashmir Government

License is necessary for opium farming – Yes license is necessary in opium or afeem farming it seems some people in Jammu and Kashmir are doing opium crop farming without any license or they may be not following any policy that is made by government in opium cultivation therefore ultimatum against their crop farm opium has raised by Kashmir administration. In the ultimate Kashmir government clearly instructed people to destroy the opium farm within a week.

Help line number against illegal opium in pulvama

In fact Pulvama district administration has also started help line number to give information against opium farming. The news is that kasmiri people are doing afeem cultivation in deep jungles instead of growing grain they have been growing opium since many years but now administration has decided to do the justice with other kashmiri common people. The news came in centre on 26th of april 2021

Education given by administration

The administration is now trying to educate farmers about the bad effects of poppy and encouraging them to grow rice, wheat etc. The administration also instructed rajaswa vibhag to make a list of opium farming and submit it to the concerned department as soon as possible.

Now administration is encouraging people to grow seasonable vegetables they also instructed farmers to concentrate on kahrif fasal, ravi fasal.

Officers clearly conveyed to people if they will not destroy their opium farm then it will be destroyed by the government and legal action will also be taken against these farmers so get ready for the action.

How to do opium farming

Dordo needs a slice cut after 120 days with care

If you have grown opium on your farm then after 120 days you need to make a slice cut on the dordo

Care needed while making a cut on dordo

First you should attempt this incision process between 10 am to 4 pm due to the warmness in climate it also provides better milk opportunity. Remember the incision process is very important you should not make it deep or less deep it should be well planed so that the dordo not get wasted.

If you have made a deep incision on the dordo or capsule then it may tear and its seeds may fall on the land before harvesting so you need to be more careful while incision process.

Collection and storage of opium or poppy

While collecting opium you need to take a lot care so that it should not count in poor quality opium in alkaloid factory 7 am to 9 am is the best time to collect the poppy crop. First you should clean your equipments that will be used to collect opium then do not collect the thin fibers along with opium milk. You can find these fibers just below the capsules (dordo), if you will collect these fibers then decomposition process of opium may not be successful and this opium may count in poor quality opium.

While collecting the opium if your pant contains bit water then do not collect it directly instead you should bend the plant bit and drain out the water of the plant. Moreover, if you will collect the opium along with water then while decomposition process your opium may rot and it can produce a bad fragrance thus it could be count in poor quality opium.


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