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Why dragon fruit is renamed as "Kamalam" by Gujarat Government, memes trending on dragon fruit as Kamalam, Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani said dragon fruit's original name is associated with china.

PM Narendra Modi in 'Mann Ki Baat' on 26 July last year enthusiastically encouraged farmers of Kutch for taking up cultivation of dragon fruit and adopting innovative and creative practices.

Yes this is the story behind the scene. It was already fixed, a year back.  

When I scrolled my Quora account I got lots of questions in my notification : Why has Gujarat rename dragon fruit, why dragon fruit is renamed by Gujarat Government? However, I have published my previous blog post on dragon fruit just ten days ago in which I tried to cover lots of topics, till now that post is my lengthiest post and I was thinking there is hardly anything left to write but suddenly this news came and after waiting couple of days I could not stop myself  to write on it. 

yellow pitaya

Yellow Pitaya Slices

Why did Gujarat rename dragon fruit to kamalam

Let's first look at the answer given by the Gujarat Government 

  • The name has instant connect with local farmers- keywords delivered by Gujarat Government.
  • Farmer say it looks like lotus and that is the reason we have named it "Kamalam" Vijay Rupani said.
  • According to CM, Gujarat Government has applied for a patent to rename this exotic fruit

According to CM Rupani dragon fruit looks like a lotus flower, it shall be renamed to 'Kamalam' which is the sanskrit word for it. Interesting thing is that the Bjp office in Gujarat is also named Kamalam. 

Farmers in Gujarat had already started branding it as "Kamalam Fruit" in local markets. 

However, CM Vijay Rupani ruled out any political reason behind renaming the fruit as Kamalam. But at the same time he said the original name is associated with china!

As we all know India has banned several apps related to china it might be another step against the dragons, who knows?

Headlines flowing on internet

  • Why has Gujarat given dragon fruit the sanskrit name... - by indianexpress.com
  • After dragon fruit got renamed as kamalam, twitter gets flooded- by zeenews.india.com
  • Indian state renames dragon fruit to avoid association with - by edition.cnn.com
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  • Dragon fruit renamed as kamalam in Gujarat: "Original - by ndtv.com

Hence, every one is asking the same question and lots of people are sharing memes on twitter and other social media platform. And if you will search any where you will get the same answer. Whatever reasons are being given by the Gujarat Government and media; we all know what china has done last year they have made 2020 the 'curse' for everyone

The actual reason which I can see the world is slowly but steadily boycotting china and, so India is doing. It is much- needed as-well if we will not punish our child they might become criminal after a few years. 

So it should be responsibility of WHO that the mistake should not repeat in future and there must be a strict-transparent rule.  

Some questions related to the fruit

Kamalam is native fruit of Central America. Vietnam is the biggest producer of kamalam Fruits. 

How does the fruit taste?

Except Gujarat Kamalam is known as dragon fruit in rest India. It taste like a mix between a kiwi and a pear. It is also known as pitaya, pitahaya fruit. Taste of kamalam fruit is sweet, fresh and slightly sour. 

pitaya coulrful bowl

Pitaya coulrful bowl-Now- kamalam Gujarati Thali

What is the price of one kg kamalam fruit in Gujarat?

Kamalam is still known as dragon fruit in all places except Gujarat. Price of the fruit varies between Rs 150-200 per/kg, Rs 200-400 per/kg and above Rs 400 as well according to the different verities of this traditional fruit. 

Tyalgum purple dragon fruit is the rarest in the world.

The most common varieties of the fruit are- 

  1. Hylocereus undatus - It contains white flesh with pink red skin.
  2. Hylocereus megalanthus - It contains white flesh and yellow skin.
  3. Hylocereus costaricensis - It contains purple-red flesh and pink-red skin.   
  • Yellow and red pitaya fruits are best fruits when it comes to colour, because they are sweet and good in quality than white one. 
  • Eating a dried pitaya fruit equals eating ten times then fresh pitaya fruits. 

Some benefits of the fruit are :

  1. Improve the health of the eyes.
  2. It contains prebiotics, which are food that feed the healthy bacteria called probiotics in your guts.
  3. It can strength your immune system.
  4. Phosphorous aids in tissue formation.




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