How to travel to delhi during lockdown from dehradun | Delhi Meerut Expressway

Dehradun to delhi by own vehicle by road, how to reach delhi from dehradun in 2 hours 30-40 minutes. dehradun expressway, delhi meerut expressway, travel guide during lockdown in delhi

Today, I will help you to find the correct way from dehradun to delhi via road by bus or your own vehicle in this post I will brief about dehradun merut expressway as well and

Tunnel after dehradun ISBT

First you have to cross the tunnel which is nearly 2-3 km from dehradun isbt before this tunnel passengers have to go through dat kali mandir but now the root has changed and you will not see the dat kali temple while going through this beautiful tunnel and it also saves time it reduces nearly 2.5-3 km. Distance between dehradun to delhi is 246 km and the distance between dehradun to roorkee is 70 km. Earlier it was compulsory to go delhi via roorkee but after this expressway, you need not go to roorkee it is a different root that connects deobandh and Muzaffarnagar.

Dehradun to Muzaffarnagar

After crossing the jungle which is nearly 12 km and it takes 20-25 minutes to cross the jungle now you are on a very smooth road that directly goes to chutmalpur (21km) via biharigarh. In biharigarh you can purchase famous and delicious pakoras that cost Rs 40 and believe me they are really delicious. Earlier the pakora shops were beside the road in large quantity and one can find them easily but now you need to find them because shops have been reduced although they are still beside the road but not in large quantity as earlier. In today’s era, it is not a wise thing to buy any eatable thing from outside I have given this as general info you should plan your trip and carry your food and water.

After 4 lane you will reach to six lane that is really broad and speed limt is 80km per hour. According to 6 lane higway speed limit is bit low because it is a cemented road so tyres may get warm earlier.Later you will get a toll tax where you have to pay Rs 40 to cross the toll. By driving continue on the higway you will bypass the roorkee city and directly reach to deoband after crossing one more toll plaza where you have to pay Rs 140 this toll plaza is around 20 km before deoband. You will reach muzaffarnagar in around 1 hour 15-20 minutes.

Muzaffarnagar to khatauli distance

It is around 24.3 km distance from khatoli to muzaffarnagar. After khatoli bypass you have to cross mansurpur and from mansurpur to khatauli distance is only 4-5 km.

Khatoli bypass to merut expressway –  Dhradun to merut express way

After khatauli bypass you need to drive continuously on the highway and in some time you will reach sakoti tanda and after that you will reach to merut toll plaza. Now it will take only 2:40 hours to reach merut from dehradun. You have to pay Rs 85 at merut toll plaza.

Delhi Merut Expressway Bypass

Earlier when this expressway was not built passenger have to take the root from modingar, muradnagar and gaziabad . After crossing merut by pass you will soon reach to delhi merut express way and within 200 mtr distance on the expressway you will find two diversions and you have to choose delhi merut express way root and the other root is for muradnagar, modinagar so don,t pick that root if you are not going there. After few kms you will reach at toll plaza and you don’t have to pay here. The speed limit on merut express way is 100 km per hour.

It is a 6 lane expressway that will link to Mumbai expressway, delhi dehradun expressway as well. Delhi merut express way is also connected to the eastern peripheral expressway it is a link from where you can choose a root to various location of Delhi and from here you can make a root towards Agra, Palwal and Faridabad. This expressway also gives you to choose a path towards Noida and Gaziabad you just need to take a left path for that.

Via sector 61, 62 and Vasundhara you can reach delhi. Finally, you reach delhi in 2 hours 30-40 minutes from dehradun. While talking about this merut expressway it is a 46 km long expressway with a speed limit of 100 km per hour. Thus highways can help you to reach the destination in a shorter time, today it takes around 2 hours 30-40 minutes from Dehradun to Delhi the same distance was around 7-8 hours a few years back when highways were not connected.  

Lockdown in Delhi 2021

Travelling guidelines during lockdown 2021 – Don’t plan your trip on Saturday and Sunday due to full lockdown in Delhi but if compulsory then you should carry your test report with you. The report needs to be carried on other days as well. Day by day the situation is getting worst so be prepared before planning your journey towards delhi unless it is compulsory don’t plan the journey.

You will have to face some barricaders before entering delhi, where the vehicles that don’t have delhi nameplate are being checked for the test reports although other local vehicles also need to give an explanation to delhi police. Wearing a mask is compulsory even in four wheelers otherwise you may get a penalty. How to apply for curfew e pass online for travel during lockdown in delhi, answer is given below.

Here are some recent frequently asked questions. FAQ

How to apply for e pass online?

You need to visit this site to apply curfew e pass online

How to fill online e pass form?

1. First visit at
2. Select language English or Hindi
3. From drop-down menu select e pass for travel during curfew and click submit button.
4. Fill the form and submit it.
5. After form submission you will get e pass reference number.

How to check e pass status?

1. Visit
2. Choose language hindi or english
3. Click on check status
4. Enter your e-pass Id and click submit
5. Note – e pass id or reference number both are same


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