Best tree lopper tool in India | best branch pruner tool

Today I will help you to pick some small agriculture tool that are regularly used in sustainable farming. I will brief there features so that you can select the tools for garden lets begin

Branch lopper – It is used to cut the extra branches this device is good to use for branch pruning. You can easily cut 3-4 inch thick branch with this branch lopper. It is adjustable type of equipment and you can increase or decrease the height of this garden tool accordingly. It is agriculture equipment that is regularly used in horticulture. The main thing in pruning is the wood should not get teared otherwise the plant or tree may dry and this garden tool is good enough to cut the tree branches properly to reduce the side effect problem.

Weeding tool garden – It is used as soil mixer and also useful in removing weed and it is 5 times more efficient then dib, grub hook, scud that results less man power. You can also use it as mini tractor in a small area. By structure it is 4 to 5 feet taller and not much force is needed due to the smoothness and some sharp features in round shape which easily digs the mud it is also helpful in managing time. The back side rod works like push and pull hoe tool.

Garden tool cultivator – It is 4 feet taller and 3 pointed arrows in front with a square handle from backside. It is more useful than grub hook and other devices because you can easily dig a land by 3-4 inches deeper to sow the crop like ginger, onion, potato etc it is also useful for weed removing. 

Push pull hoe garden tool – First you have used garden tiller to maintain your farm then you have used cultivator for mud deep digging however these tools were also beneficial in weed removing but this push pull hoe tool is specialist of removing unnecessary weed from your farm. It has 14 inch wood handle and the quality of handle is god enough it also provides comfort. It is also light weighted that gives extra benefit while using it in the garden or big farm. It has heat treated blade which is self sharpening. It works beneath the surface of the soil.

Pruning tool - It is around 20 feet taller that helps you to prune your long tree as well. It is labor cost saving tool because you need much labor for long trees and they charge extra amount to prune tall tree but with the help of this pruning tool you can do it by yourself. It is also increasable means you can increase its height by 3 to 4 feet more from side panel that is given on the top right corner. If you only want to use it for shorter plants or trees then it is also removable you can easily remove it from the same side panel and now it will become a short pruning tool that you can comfortably handle

Garden hand gloves  – This is a leather gardening gloves with forum protection for pruning those plants that consists sting particles. These gloves are full hand gloves that also protect your arms. Thumb design is made such a way that gives you extra ease and comfort while moving your fingers specially thumb. Good design with flexibility and protection. 10 % extra saving coupon applied at checkout.

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